A Quality, New York Based, Licensed and Insured Painting and Power-Washing Company

Our Core Values

About Reliable Paint

  • 1. Stay Small and Specialize

    By staying small, Reliable Paint is able to ensure the same high level of quality is maintained at every job site, and by remaining specialized we meet that high-set standard every time. Painting and power-washing is what we do, and we're ever increasingly good at it.

  • 2. Don't Half-Do Things

    Through practice, we've learned that the first 90% and the last 10% of a job take roughly the same amount of effort. The small details of a project, while comparatively less strenuous, can be incredibly complex, tedious, or both. By not giving into the temptation to skip over the nitty-gritty, we achieve an unmatched level of quality time and time again.

  • 3. Sustain a Strong Reputation

    Because we're a small company, our main method for getting work is word-of-mouth, and the only way such campaigns stay successful is through a reputation that speaks for itself. It's a no brainer for us to keep the people we work with as happy as possible.

Reliable Paint is a licensed and insured, Nassau County based contracting company focused on providing elegant and dependable home improvement services. Specifically, we specialize in painting and power-washing both residential homes and commercial properties. We operate in and around the Nassau County area of Long Island, NY and have been doing business long enough - over 25 years - to know how to start a job, do excellent work, and finish on time, all while keeping customers informed and in control of their project's execution.

We understand that dealing with contractors can be a dreadful thing, and that's a shame, but in a lot of cases the trade has earned its reputation. At Reliable paint, we try to do things a bit differently: our goal is to deliver clean, consistent results that satisfy our customer's expectations in exceptional time, and with every job we undertake, we work very hard to achieve that goal. Because of that effort, our business has built an immense amount of lasting relationships with past customers and has been sustained through the majority of its existence by word of mouth recommendations. Ask around your neighborhood; if you live on Long Island, someone near you has likely had a pleasant experience with Reliable Paint, and we'd like for you to as well.

Yours Truly,
George Georgiou
Contractor, Foreman, and Principal of Reliable Paint

Our Services...

...include Painting, Staining, and Wallpapering of Homes, Decks, and Patios, as well as Commercial Properties; Color Matching and Finish Selection; Preparation including Scraping, Sanding, and Taping; Restoration, such as the Power-Washing of Siding, Brick, Concrete, and Wood; as well as Spackling and Drywall repair.